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The 10 Evangelical Virtues of the Virgin Mary


The 10 Evangelical Virtues are painted on the ceiling of the Marian Church of Gozlin, Poland. 


The Ten Evangelical Virtues of Mary, also known as the Ten Evangelical Perfections, are a set of virtues attributed to the Virgin Mary in Christian tradition. These virtues are drawn from the Gospels and represent qualities exemplified by Mary throughout her life and set as an example for others to follow. While the concept of the Ten Evangelical Virtues has been present in Christian spirituality for centuries, their specific enumeration and popularization can be traced back to various religious writings, devotional practices, and theological reflections over time.


They are not officially defined doctrines, but pious Catholic traditions based on scripture and the lives of Mary and Jesus. The origins of these virtues being specifically applied to Mary emerged in medieval theology, especially in the 12th century. Monks, nuns, and other religious figures like St. Bernard of Clairvaux wrote extensively about Mary's holiness and how she exemplified ideal Christian virtues. Over time these became solidified as the chief virtues embodied by the Virgin, serving as a moral template. They continue to be an important part of Catholic Marian devotion today.

Mary's Ten Evangelical Virtues are often depicted in the form of a Ten-ray star, a symbol of her spiritual radiance. A notable example of this Marian iconography can be found adorning the ceiling of an 18th-century Marian Church in Gozlin, Poland.

Beyond its aesthetic significance, the star serves as a reminder of Mary's virtuous example. Known as the Morning Star, Mary illuminates the path with her Ten Evangelical Virtues, inviting believers to emulate her exemplary life during their earthly journey. In the struggle against darkness and evil, Mary stands as a beacon of perfection, guiding humanity towards the light of Christ.

What makes Mary's virtues particularly inspiring is their alignment with the beatitudes preached by her Son in the Sermon on the Mount (Mt 5:3-12). These blessings, which lie at the core of the Gospel message, find a perfect reflection in Mary's life.

Throughout the centuries, Mary's virtues have served as a source of inspiration for Christians, beginning with the earliest followers of Christ. Those who embrace Jesus' teachings and walk in his footsteps are akin to Mary, the epitome of discipleship and devotion to the Lord.

Most Pure

Most Prudent 

Most Humble 

Most Faithful

Most Devout

Most Obedient

Most Poor

Most Patient

Most Merciful

Most Sorrowful

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