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Most Patient

Mater Dolorosa painting by El Greco

Central to the Blessed Virgin Mary’s sanctity stands the virtue of exceptional patience displayed during her earthly pilgrimage supporting Christ's ministry and enduring his Passion. From the Annunciation’s stunning revelation to the searing sorrow witnessed at Calvary’s Cross, Mary met divinely ordained challenges with prayerful perseverance beyond human temperance.


Throughout her life, Mary encountered numerous challenges that demanded great patience. She experienced the hardship of the long journey to Bethlehem while heavily pregnant as well as the uncertainty of finding refuge and giving birth in a stable. 


Tradition suggests she spent years patiently tutoring the child Jesus before public manifestation of his demanding messianic mission as miraculous healer, exorcist and prophet. Despite resistance that Jesus encountered or foreboding allusions to fated suffering, Mary waited faithfully as a model disciple.


At the crucifixion itself, though pierced deeply observing her innocent son’s brutal execution, Mary stood anchored in God’s sovereign but inscrutable will. Through it all, Mary faithfully endured earthly trial and spiritual darkness with holy surrender.

Mary's patient endurance imparts a crucial lesson to believers about the significance of trusting in God's timing and plan. Her example invites us to cultivate patience in our own lives, even in the face of difficulties and uncertainties. Rather than rushing or becoming discouraged, Mary shows us the power of waiting with hope and surrendering to God's perfect timing.


Most Patient Virgin Mary encourages us to embrace patience as a virtue in our own lives.

Scriptural Reference for Most Patient 

(Jonn 19:25)

25 Standing by the cross of Jesus were his mother and his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary of Magdala.


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