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Most Faithful

Most Faithful is one of 10 Virtues of the Virgin Mary

The virtue of faith reaches its profound zenith in the life of the Virgin Mary, rightfully acclaimed as the "Most Faithful." Mary's unwavering faith in God stands as an exemplary model for believers, instilling in them the inspiration to trust in God's promises and surrender wholeheartedly to His will.

Essential to the Blessed Virgin Mary's sanctity stands her model virtue of steadfast spiritual fidelity demonstrated through a lifetime of trusting obedience amidst mysterious circumstances. When visited by the imposing archangel Gabriel, teenage Mary embraced the staggering vocation to bear the long-prophesied Messiah despite social scandal or incomprehension. 


Despite her Son's perplexing words or the jarring agony of his Passion shattering messianic expectations, Mary's faith remained anchored. At the bleak nadir by the Cross, though pierced to the heart beside her dying child, Mary maintained vigil aligned with God's inscrutable, redeeming will. 

Throughout her life, Mary's faith remained unwavering. Encountering numerous trials and difficulties, from the arduous journey to Bethlehem while heavily pregnant to witnessing the suffering and crucifixion of her Son, she never wavered in her faith. She clung to God's promises, trusting in His providence and remaining confident in His love and mercy.

At the wedding in Cana, Mary's faith led her to intercede on behalf of the newlyweds when they ran out of wine. Though Jesus initially responded that His hour had not yet come, Mary urged the servants to "do whatever He tells you." Her unwavering faith in her Son's power and goodness led to the first miracle produced by her son.

Mary's faith challenges believers to reflect on their own faith journey. Her example invites us to trust in God's promises, even when circumstances seem daunting or unclear. Mary's faith teaches us to surrender to God's will, seeking His guidance and strength in every aspect of our lives.

Through the intercession of the Most Faithful Virgin Mary, we can seek the grace to deepen our own faith. We can turn to her as a model of trust and reliance on God, asking for her help in overcoming doubt and embracing a faith that is lived out in our actions and choices.

Mary's faith continues to inspire and guide believers, reminding them of the transformative power of unwavering trust in God. As we strive to live virtuous lives, let us look to the Most Faithful Virgin Mary as our model and seek her intercession in our pursuit of a vibrant and steadfast faith.

Scriptural References for Most Faithful (Lk 1:45; Jn 2:5)


45 Blessed are you who believed that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled.”



5 His mother said to the servers, “Do whatever he tells you.”

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