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My Story

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Playing the Dispersion game for the first time, it lasted less than 15 minutes before I stopped to fix issues.

Ultimately, it took 19 versions and 18 months to get the game ready for play testing. 

I've never had a "Build It and They Will Come" moment until one Sunday in June 2021.


While waiting for Sunday mass to begin, an unbidden thought came to me: “create a board game based on the 12 Apostles.” I considered it until mass started, then forgot about it. 


On the next Sunday, the same thought came again. It felt more direct this time. I took notice and didn’t brush it off. Over the next week, I considered the idea now and again. 


On the third Sunday as I entered the church, I was not thinking about the game. This time, when the same message hit me even more powerfully than before, I paid attention. Things happening three times is a frequent occurrence in the Bible. So perhaps it was fitting that it took three tries by the Holy Spirit to get me to fully recognize the request and to say yes. 


Starting that Sunday and for more than a year, I worked on creating what has become a game called “Dispersion, the 2nd Commission of the 12 Apostles.” 


There were many times in developing this game when mechanics, rules, point systems or just awkward flow would stop the game cold. I often had no immediate ideas to fix these problems. I learned to wait for an answer to be told to me. Typically, it would take an hour or two, but could be as long as a few days before a perfect solution would simply pop into my head. Remarkable. 


Today, Dispersion is in the play-testing stage to uncover possible problems and assure it’s entertaining. See the page under “Shop” about how you can sponsor a Disciple card with a likeness of your image or a loved one. 


I know this “About” section is atypical. Thank you for sticking with me this far. I have one more extraordinary experience to share. While working on Dispersion, I again felt like I was being told to create other games, including one about apparitions of the Virgin Mary throughout history. 


I had no idea, really no idea, what this “Apparition” game was going to be. For three months (there’s that number three again), I prayed for direction. Then, one morning while working on Dispersion, the entire game (mechanics, game board elements, game card types) was deposited into my head. I stopped what I was doing, grabbed a yellow legal pad, and filled up three pages of notes about the Apparition game. Looking back on those notes, today’s Apparition game is nearly identical to what I was told. 


What is Higher Calling Games about? Two things: it’s a reminder to listen when thoughts enter your mind. Let your heart confirm the validity of the message. Act on it if you believe this calling makes you a better person and the world a better place. Second, it’s about games as a conduit to inspire players to learn more about Christianity, and lead them to higher, soul-fulfilling callings. 

Like in the movie Field of Dreams, I can say that I strived to build what was asked of me. I look forward to the "and they will come" part!

God Bless,



Watch the unboxing videos as Paul sees the printed Apparition game for the first time.

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