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Most Poor

Among the sanctified virtues manifest in the Blessed Virgin Mary shines her existential poverty displayed in humble acceptance of material scarcity and spiritual lowliness fulfilling divine purposes. Though born into meager circumstances as a lowly handmaid, when archangel Gabriel astoundingly announced this obscure maiden would miraculously conceive Israel's messianic heir, Mary embraced the staggering proposition from a posture of spiritual poverty openly depending on God despite worldly uncertainty. 

Mary's poverty originates from her humble background. Born into a simple and modest family, she lacked wealth or social status. Throughout her life, she embraced simplicity and detachment, valuing her treasure not in material possessions but in her relationship with God.


Throughout her motherhood pilgrimage alongside Jesus, Mary consistently modeled poverty of spirit - whether fleeing Herod's wrath seeking migratory asylum in Egypt; returning to Bethlehem counting on providence; supporting Christ's roving mission lacking earthly security; or enduring the surreal agony of his criminal's execution vulnerable at the foot of the Cross.

At the foot of the cross, Mary's poverty reached its pinnacle. Witnessing the crucifixion of her Son, she stood in profound sorrow without any material possessions to offer Him. Yet, in her poverty of spirit, she presented the most valuable gift she had — her love and her presence. Uniting her poverty with the redemptive sacrifice of Jesus, she became a witness to the richness of God's love and the victory of the cross.

Through the intercession of the Most Poor Virgin Mary, believers can seek the grace to cultivate a spirit of poverty in their lives. Learning from Mary's example of detachment and reliance on God's provision, they recognize that true wealth is found in their relationship with God, not in material possessions.

Mary's radical poverty of self allowed full divine reliance. As Abbess Catherine Thomas reflected, "The Blessed Virgin lived the reality that all is gift... She is a realist, announcing that God has 'filled the hungry with good things.' She knows she is hungry for God." None hungered so earnestly or meekly for God's grace to perfect human nature than she who is Most Poor.

Scriptural Reference for Most Poor 

(Luke 2:7)

7 and she gave birth to her firstborn son. She wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.

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