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Most Humble

Central to the Blessed Virgin Mary's preeminent sanctity shines the beatific virtue of her profound humility expressed in selfless submission to God. When greeted by the archangel Gabriel bearing news that she would miraculously conceive the long-awaited Messiah, Mary responded with humble openness to this breathtaking vocation declaring, "I am the handmaid of the Lord. Be it done unto me..." Rather than pride, she received the honor stunned in grateful wonder.

Throughout her life, Mary's humility remained steadfast. She never sought recognition or honor, consistently directing attention and glory to God alone. Even in the face of challenges accompanying her role as the Mother of Jesus, she humbly embraced her calling, trusting in God's providence and guidance.

This humble stance pervaded Mary's quiet service throughout Christ's life - supporting his ministry without fanfare or grasping for matriarchal status. At Calvary as well, though pierced deeply in sorrow beyond words, Mary's humility shone brightly. As she witnessed the suffering and death of her beloved Son, she displayed remarkable strength and humility, uniting her own pain with the redemptive sacrifice of Jesus for the salvation of humanity.

In Mary's Magnificat, it rings with humility as she declares the Lord "looked upon my lowliness" rather than any personal merit earning her sanctified place in salvation history. For such faithful, unassuming submission was Mary honored as the greatest among saints and the first disciple.

Mary's humility challenges us to introspect on our own lives and attitudes, urging us to let go of pride, self-centeredness, and the desire for recognition. Instead, she calls us to embrace a humble and selfless disposition, emphasizing that true greatness lies in humble service and a willingness to submit ourselves to God's will.

Through the intercession of the Most Humble Virgin Mary, we can seek the grace to cultivate humility in our lives. Learning from her selflessness, we strive to embrace the transformative power of humility in deepening our relationship with God and fostering love and compassion towards others. 

Scriptural Reference for Most Humble 

(Luke 1:48)

48 for he has looked with favor on the lowliness of his servant. Surely, from now on all generations will call me blessed.

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