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Most Prudent

Among the preeminent virtues exhibited in the Blessed Virgin Mary's discipleship is that of supernatural prudence demonstrated through her prayerful discernment, courageous obedience and perseverance despite bewildering circumstances. The virtue of prudence, often synonymous with wisdom or practical judgment, reaches its pinnacle in the life of the Virgin Mary, rightfully acclaimed as the "Most Prudent." 

Throughout her journey, Mary relied on keen discernment to carefully ponder signs and wonders in her heart as she navigated her unusual vocation. Throughout her life, Mary consistently displayed prudence in her words and actions. When the angel Gabriel appeared, proclaiming that she would conceive the Son of God, Mary responded with humility and prudence. She embraced her role as the Mother of Jesus even in the face of an uncertain future and what it would demand of her not just in her earthly life, but in her heavenly life as well.

Mary's prudence shines through in her actions during Jesus's life. At the wedding in Cana, when Jesus performed his first miracle, Mary demonstrated prudence by discreetly approaching him, suggesting a solution and trusting in his wisdom and authority.

Mary's prudence surfaced at the foot of the cross, where she stood with steadfast courage and love. Despite profound sorrow, she exhibited prudence by uniting her suffering with Jesus and entrusting herself to God's providential plan.

Mary's prudence sets an example for believers, urging us to seek God's guidance and wisdom in every decision. Her prudent model encourages us to discern God's will, contemplate the consequences of our actions, and choose what is genuinely good and virtuous.

Through the intercession of the Most Prudent Virgin Mary, we can seek the grace of prudence in our lives. By emulating her prudence, we can navigate the complexities of our world, making choices that draw us closer to God and contribute to the greatest good for ourselves and others.

Scriptural References for Most Prudent 

(Luke 2:19; 51)

19 And Mary kept all these things, reflecting on them in her heart. 


51 He went down with them and came to Nazareth, and was obedient to them; and his mother kept all these things in her heart.

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