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Blue Skies
Apparition game logo based on 10 apparitions of the Virgin Mary

A Family Game Centered on Apparitions of the Virgin Mary

For ages 8+

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Endless Sand

A Strategy Game About the Dispersion of the
12 Apostles (ages 13+)

Logo for a tabletop game called Dispersion, the 2nd Commission of the 12 Apostles
Coming later this year!

Higher Calling Games addresses the need for fun tabletop games with Catholic / Christian themes that all ages can enjoy. 

We need more outlets to disconnect from technology and reconnect with friends and family around a table where we talk, laugh and have fun. Tabletop games do that. And games centered on Christian themes do that in a positive, soul-fulfilling way.


Beyond delivering entertainment, we provide learning opportunities. We use QR codes (to use with smart phones) in our games for players to learn more about Christian people, topics and symbols found in our games. 


Please think of us and spread the word to your friends and family, co-workers, schools and churches, when seeking gifts for celebrating religious sacraments like First Communion,  Confirmation and Marriage, birthdays, school graduations and accomplishments, anniversaries, holy days such as Christmas, Easter, and feast days. Plus, our games are great for religious education, youth groups and campus ministry. 

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