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Dispersion Tabletop Game

Dispersion Tabletop Game


                            Step into the sandals of the 12 Apostles

                                as they win Disciples to THE WAY! 


2-4 Players / Ages 13+


Production Release  Expected in Fall 2024.  


Gift Idea

Great gift idea especially for birthdays, school graduation, Sacrament of Confirmation, Christmas, and Easter, as well as Catholic / Christian youth groups.


Object of the Game  In this resource strategy game, players seek to build the largest community of Followers by establishing house churches and city churches. They rely on the Holy Spirit’s Blessing to spread the new faith while performing miracles and incurring personal hardships.


Easy to Learn with Depth of Strategy  Players gain "Followers of THE WAY" during the game primarily by establishing House Churches and City Churches in the seven known regions of the world. These regions are based on the map in use in the first century created by the Greek geographer, Strabo. 


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