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Apparition Tabletop Board Game

Apparition Tabletop Board Game




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For Ages 8+ / ~30 Minutes Playing Time


A fun, easy-to-learn game based on Apparitions of the Virgin Mary, Marian themes and saints who had deep devotion to the Mother of God.


HOW DO YOU PLAY?  In simplest terms, you match groups of cards to claim the Heavenly Graces token for that apparition, Marian theme or saints. See the last four images above for the game instructions.


WHICH APPARITIONS AND MARIAN THEMES ARE FEATURED?  The game includes 10 Marian apparitions approved by the Vatican plus more than a dozen others found in the five Rosary theme cards: Places (more apparitions from around the world), Ancient Names (earliest names given to Mary), Marian Invocations (e.g. "Our Lady of..."), Marian Epithets (Her titles); and Her 10 Evangelical Virtues. 


HOW LONG ARE THE GAMES? Games typically last 25-30 minutes whether played by adults or children.


BONUS: ENRICH YOUR FAITH  The game features a QR code on every card to learn more about the subject of each card. Use your phone’s camera access this information. Or, visit "Learn" in the website menu to see this content.


ONLY FOR CATHOLICS?  Definitely not. This game is for everyone. You don't need to know anything about the Blesed Virgin Mary or Catholicism to effectively play and enjoy this game. 


SPECIAL RULES FOR YOUNGER PLAYERS  We thought it was important to bring Mary into the lives of children who are receiving the Sacrament of First Holy Communion and lay a foundation for the concept stated on the board: "To Jesus Through Mary." So, we identified three game rules that can be eliminated, in any combination, to make the game accessible to younger players. 


ARTWORK  We wanted the game to be beautiful to reflect the stunning beauty of the Virgin Mary that every witness of a Marian apparition has reported. To accomplish this, the game includes famous paintings of Her spanning the last 1,200 years.   



1 Game board

  • The board holds the scoring tokens. 


100 Apparition cards (ringed in gold)

  • Each of the 10 apparition sets includes 4 “Title” cards, which name the apparition and have a brighter image than description cards, and 6 “Description” cards that share information about the apparition, such as Mary’s appearance, messages, dates and names of seers


50 Rosary Theme cards (ringed in silver)

  • Each of the 5 themes contains 10 cards
  • Themes are: Ancient Names (for Mary), Marian Epithets, Marian Invocations, Places (where Mary has appeared), and Marian Virtues


18 Saints cards (ringed in red)

  • Each of these saints had a significant encounter with Mary in their lifetimes


31 Heavenly Grace Tokens

Tokens display a symbol for that card category on one side and its name and Graces value on the other side.

  • 10 Apparition
  • 20 Rosary Themes
  • 1 Saints



See the four pages of instructions in the game images above.

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