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Places Where Mary Appeared

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Painted by Leonardo da Vinci around 1499, the Madonna of the Yarnwinder was portrayed in two paintings. This one, the Lansdowne Madonna, shows the Virgin engaged in spinning yarn which refers to her counterpart, Eve, who was often depicted spinning wool. This iconography evokes the narrative of humanity's descent and its redemption through the sacrificial act of Christ.


Marian apparitions have been reported in many countries throughout history, but it is difficult to determine an exact number as some reported apparitions may not have been officially recognized by the Catholic Church.


According to the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, there have been a total of 295 reported apparitions of Mary between 40 AD and 2018 AD that have been investigated by the Church.

The Catholic Church does not oblige the faithful to believe in any particular apparition, but rather allows individuals to evaluate the evidence and decide for themselves.

Our Lady of Akita  (Japan)

Our Lady of Aparecida  (Brazil)

Our Lady of Gietrzwald  (Poland)

Our Lady of Kazan  (Russia)

Our Lady of La Vang  (Vietnam)

Our Lady of Mount Carmel  (Israel)

Our Lady of Pompeii  (Italy)

Our Lady of Vailankanni  (India)

Our Lady of Valvanera  (Spain)

Our Lady of Zion  (Italy)

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