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Our Lady of Good Success

Our Lady of Good Success is a Marian devotion with roots in 17th century Ecuador. According to tradition, the Virgin Mary appeared multiple times to Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres, a Spanish Conceptionist nun living in Quito, imparting prophetic messages and warnings that many tie to 20th century global crises.  

The visions began on February 2, 1594 as Mother Mariana prayed in the convent choir loft, with Mary announcing herself as “Mary of Good Success.” Over following months strange phenomena like a glowing golden orb materializing during psalms recitation marked additional nocturnal visitations. After requesting proof of the validity of the visions, Mother Mariana’s order received a miraculous confirmation on the Feast of the Presentation, February 2, 1597 when the convent archangels’ statue glowed bright and bowed to the prioress.  

Mary's disturbing premonitions focused on turmoil she predicted would disrupt the Church and society centuries later, well after Mother Mariana’s death and Ecuador’s 16th century struggles. Severe crises in Christian morals, natural disasters, global wars and strife within the Church hierarchy culminating in apostasy and demonic influence were all referenced, alongside the promise of Our Lady of Good Success’ aid if properly invoked.  

Though accounts of Mother Mariana’s visions faded over time, interest revived amidst 20th century world war and Church turbulence. Local bishops approved devotion and canonically crowned the Quito convent’s statue of Our Lady of Good Success in 1954 as faithful increasingly looked with new urgency to her warnings and promises.  

Today her fame is most fervent in Latin America and traditionalist Catholic circles emphasizing Marian prophecy and Fatima revelations. Pilgrims flock to venerate the incorrupt body of Mother Mariana on display in Quito, hoping to receive blessings from Ecuador’s visionary “fourth archangel” known for her mystical graces. With global instability ever rising, belief holds strong that amidst swirling crisis and corruption, solace and intercession are always near through Our Lady of Good Success.

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